Thursday, December 10, 2009

get your fash on

Be merry! Tis the season for fashion shows. Winter in Wonderland fashion show @ Vin De Syrah this Friday (the 11th) will be kicking off @ 8:45pm with some serious style. You a cheapo? Good. Because its free entry. The show is produced by up and coming designers and fashion marketers. Peep it on facebook here.

Wardrobe unbalanced? It's time to check your pH...
Or PH8, a dynamic store that just opened in Horton Plaza that's fusing functionality with right-now fashion for styles that achieve effortless sexiness. Hit the store with your own eyes (and hands) for a complete understanding of its greatness. It's an absolute upgrade from American Apparel. Or be lazy & go to Just make sure you go. And take this coupon for 30% off until the 13th!

CAN'T GET ENOUGH?! For more insider info on events in this happen'n city of ours check our new SD Uncovered hotspot locator.

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