Saturday, June 12, 2010

my first collection, inspired by McQueen - BLEED

Alexander McQueen was an extremely influential designer since the start of his career, known for his shocking looks and fashionably uncouth presentation. He went out as tragically as he came in. This product line will aim to launch a widespread comprehension of the relation between life’s cataclysmic events and expression through dominant apparel. Fashion is life, and McQueen will live on through it.

These garments exude a powerful spirit. Details made of fur and metal and cuts that have not yet been seen by the style world will propel Fall 2010 into a state of beautifully organized chaos. This apparel will send a message that says, “life is hard, but it’s worth it”. 

Using functional zippers at the hemlines, our customer will be able to mix and match various tops to bottoms to create different looks. These comprehensive styles present an inevitable metamorphosis that mirrors our growth in day-to-day life. Life is about change and finding the means to deal with that evolution. This collection shows that although some things appear to be one way, it can easily change into a beautiful new adaptation the next.

♥ & honey, 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I smell something fashion

sooo, I've been working my life away on about 15 garments that should be finished by this next week! this means many things - but one thing in particular (PHOTO SHOOT!) so stay tuned... cuhs it's about to get editorial up in here.

only if you...