Friday, May 11, 2012

RANT OF THE WEEK: Irony in Namecalling

Isn't it ironic how people point fingers to call out & falsely accuse others of having the traits that they themselves encompass? This is true in cases of:

RELIGION vs. SCIENCE: the people who believe in energy & evolution are called "hippies", while religion is based on intangible, abstract theories like faith & hope.

HOMOPHOBES vs. GLBT: supposedly the gay community is "ruining society" by outwardly loving a person of the same gender, meanwhile the homophobes are absorbed in discrimination and fully willing to spread hatred, ignorance & intolerance.  

CAT OWNERS vs. DOG OWNERS: people like cats cuhs they're cuddly, yet independent (which provides certain freedoms for the owner); intense dog lovers dress their canines up in tiny clothes/shoes/sunglasses, feed them finger foods @ the airport, stage "puppy marriages" & throw parties for them. Now, cat owners are crazy... why?

HATERS vs. PEOPLE WHO DGAF: haters will brag about how many people hate on them on a daily basis, toss around negative comments calling people "ugly", "stupid", "scared bitch", etc. behind that person's back, and hold a grudge for years. A person who Doesn't Give A Fuck will shrug off your negativity 99% of the time, tell you straight to your face what they think about you (brave & forthright) & then forget about your existence almost immediately (smart).