Friday, May 29, 2009

Mary Jane

Not only good for shoes, run-ins with the law officers, and country bumpkin names. No, MARYJANE'S is also a great place for brunch! Located downtown San Diego in the Hard Rock Hotel, this classy little joint serves sparkling mimosas and a kickin bloody mary. The menu is enticing and hard to choose from - so go in with some time to burn! 

If you're out for a Sunday Funday, hop upstairs after brunch and check out Intervention (the Hard Rock's weekly pool party)! 

Make sure to bring your best suit - the place is FASH.



Friday, May 22, 2009

Fashion Cuts

I would love nothing more than to snip my stray threads with this little birdie. He is adorable!

Scissors: Michael's

Body Candy

How about a plethora of delicious baubles? Most of them are my thrift store gems. The others: Mexico. You'd be surprised what you can find @ the Salvation Army -- leave your ego at the door and allow yourself to get all up in it. Ain't no shame in the thrift store game!   

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The "Suit"

I've been getting positive feedback from this bodysuit. It also goes great under jeans or a belted skirt. Eat it up.

Bodysuit: American Apparel, Belt: thrift store find

Monday, May 11, 2009

Trashy vs. Classy

Really? A Michael Jackson impersonator??? Not to mention claw toe up there... Then there's Britney Spears on the bottom left and Zsa Zsa with her boa. And did that girl on the right pass out or has she just deflated?

pictured on right - shoes: Baker's, dress: Hottie boutique in Vegas

Need a better look? Click on a picture to get up close and personal!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Dior ♥'s Jordache

The ├╝ber luxe item in my carry on luggage:
Cat: Dior, Suitcase: Jordache

I've been waiting to use this gorgeous tweed suitcase since I picked it up from the thrift store near my house for $15 (!!!) And what better to stuff in it than a choice selection my most fabulous threads for a weekend trip to Vegas? I may not have $ for the first-class airfare, but @least my carry-on is worthy. 

The Bag

Miss Chelsea Chaos pleather & plaid clutch

Yeah, I made this bad boy. It is inspired by London street fashion. Its guts are plaid lined... a sweet little piece of mean.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vegas Chic

The million dollar question: what to wear in Las Vegas?
Being careful to not cross the line of "trashion" that is synonymous with the city, I've made a dress for my girlfriend's birthday trip. I kept the three basic elements that define the Sin City dress code and added a fourth... short, sexy, shiny - and simple. Getting too crazy with the silhouette would have practically been asking for a prostitution mishap. 
(Pay no attention to the thongs hanging on the doorknob. Classy.) 

Shoes: Betsey Johnson

This Saturday my baby comes to life in Vegas!