Sunday, November 15, 2009


My best friend turned 23 yesterday - of course I made her a dress! It's always fun exercising my talents. Tailor made dress for the star! The chain work gave me a headache.

Yeah I made my dress too... meow baby. mc3!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


yes please! pnigophobic? tie it around your waist.

oh, and though my link will actually give you a definition of pnigophobia - it's also a handy little sex dictionary that includes 14 different ways to say semen (for those of you who are old enough to appreciate it ;) 

 ...I'm digging the thought process on this girl. ruff it & tuft it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

hallow's eve

I was so relieved Roger was able to come out...

For some ungodly reason, I have absolutely no pictures of my back that night (?!?) so here it is on my body form. Of course it looked way better on human skin & curves - this picture doesn't do it much justice.  This one could be titled: "In Time Out w/ Mr. Enormous." Bad[ass] dress! Now think about all the heartache you've caused...

Yeah, making it was only half as fun as wearing it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

not so mundane monday

Yeah, it's November. But we live in San Diego, California. It's hot outside. This modified hood tee is perfect to give your winter wardrobe a heat wave. The slouchy side pocket made out of the actual hood part is my favorite detail, but the gathers in front are femininely

TIP: if you're going airy on top w/crops or tied tees, keep it covered on the bottom, okay Mariah Carey?

The jeans are of my own design. I made them super long so I'd be able to scrunch them all the way up my legs. Once sewn, I threw them into the bathtub for a DIY bleach job.

This necklace is one of my personal faves. The finish on the chain I found to use had been chemically altered from a spiral perm I gave my mom. I assume it was one of those gold plated type, then doused in perm solution. I picked this incredible pendant up @ the swap meet from a dashing older lady who collected antiques her entire life. bam. brought back to life.