Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vegas Chic

The million dollar question: what to wear in Las Vegas?
Being careful to not cross the line of "trashion" that is synonymous with the city, I've made a dress for my girlfriend's birthday trip. I kept the three basic elements that define the Sin City dress code and added a fourth... short, sexy, shiny - and simple. Getting too crazy with the silhouette would have practically been asking for a prostitution mishap. 
(Pay no attention to the thongs hanging on the doorknob. Classy.) 

Shoes: Betsey Johnson

This Saturday my baby comes to life in Vegas! 


  1. So.... wait a second... are the thongs on the door classy or trashy? :)

  2. those would probably fit in the trashy category, but hey, it was laundry day.. so that makes it semi-classy, no?
    @least I'm not one to heat dry my delicates.